Standard transportsreducing of price in the first place

Satisfaction of our clients is the biggest reward for us. Therefore, we diligently work on the price optimization. It sounds unbelievably - you do not pay more but less for quality.

Order transport

Less-than-truckload shipping

Are you not in hurry with your delivery? Great, we can optimize the transport costs. Goods will be delivered within a week for the best price. .

Time flexibility

Are you able to let us know the loading time in advance? We can turn time into money. Why should you pay more if you do not have to?


Thanks to monitoring devices, we have overview of your transport location in real time. You can be pretty sure, it will be delivered on time..

Dangerous or warmth-sensitive goods

What life would it be without little risk? Let us deal with dangerous (ADR) or temperature-sensitive goods. We deal with it at ease and safety.

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